[Kmymoney-devel] more OFX import issues

Jack ostroffjh at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Mar 11 21:41:46 CET 2010

OFX importing seems destined to give me an ulcer.....

I'm trying to import an OFX file that contains transactions for  
multiple accounts.  In general, KMM does seem to do the right thing  
with this.  When KMM hits a new account in the file, it shows the  
Account selection dialog.  Unfortunately, if I hit the "Skip" button, I  
get an error: "You must select and account, create a new one, or press  
the Abort button."  Why shouldn't it let me just skip importing this  
one account?  Is this a bug or a feature request?

Next, if I do hit the "Abort" button, I get the Statement stats  dialog  
(showing 0 transactions processed), followed by a "Failed to import all  
statements. -" dialog with "Importing process terminated unexpectedly."  
and finally an "Importing error" dialog with "Unable to import  
'...path-to-file' using the OFX importer plugin.  The plugin returned  
the following error:"  Explicitly aborting an import shouldn't be  
considered an error.  This is open as a feature request (tracker ID  
2884311) against 1.x - should I explicitly open it against 3.x?

Finally, I'm still getting really bad results importing OFX files from  
Merrill Lynch.  However, I'm not really sure if the problems are with  
the file itself or with how KMM is handling the transactions.  The main  
problem seems to be that the bank does not distinguish an investment  
account from a brokerage account - so whichever account I import into -  
some of the transactions are handled incorrectly or even ignored.  I'd  
really love some ideas on how to begin troubleshooting this.



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