[Kmymoney-devel] patch containing an algorithm for automatic reconciliation

Cristian Oneţ onet.cristian at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 00:43:16 CET 2010


I've attached a patch that contains an implementation of this algorithm:
that can be used for the automatic reconciliation feature. It's only connected 
in the application for testing purposes. The algorithm is called when pressing 
'Finish' on the reconciliation balance dialog, it's results can be seen on the 
output of the application.
It's performance depends largely on the number of transactions passed to it 
and on the precision of the account. I've tested it with 17 transactions 
having values ranging between 0,01 and 6000 and the results were acceptable 
however at this precision if the transactions count grew to about 20 then the 
algorithm's performance would become useless. This means that, if we are to 
use this, some checking should be implemented that guarantees a result within 
a reasonable time frame and computer resources. If these performance 
constraints would not be met than the algorithm should fail.

Any thoughts?


Cristian Oneţ
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