[Kmymoney-devel] building AqBanking (or trying to...)

Thomas Baumgart thb at net-bembel.de
Tue Feb 23 08:18:19 CET 2010

On Tuesday 23 February 2010 02:35:43 Alvaro Soliverez wrote:
> Hello all,
> some questions about AqBanking, which I'm revisiting to try and build it
> here.
> - KMyMoney needs the qbanking front-end, right?
> - That front-end can only be built if I have Qt3 in my setup?
> I can build AqBanking, but only the cbanking front-end, and then KMM
> does not detect AqBanking as installed.
> Is the Qt3 frontend really necessary for KMM?

Only for the KDE3 version. Don't know if there is still a dependancy of the 
KDE4 version to the qbanking front-end.

Here's how I configured aqbanking the last time I compiled:

  ./configure --prefix=/usr/local

but I have to admit that it builds Qt3 and Qt4 as I have both installed and 
need it (this box still has KMM 1.0.3 on it)

Here's my summary information for reference:

AqBanking version       :
Local Installation Mode : no
Supported frontends     : q4banking qbanking
Cfg Search Folder       : $(sysconfdir)
Data Search Folder      : $(datadir)
Locale Search Folder    : $(localedir)
Symbol Visibility       : yes, gcc-4.3.2
Use KtoBlzCheck         : yes
Use AqFinance           : no
Build AqBanking-CLI     : yes
CLI Version String      : 4.2.4

  Backends              : aqhbci aqnone aqofxconnect
  Im-/Exporters         : csv dtaus eri2 ofx openhbci1 swift xmldb yellownet 
sepa ctxfile
  Parsers               : dtaus swift
  Bank Infos            : at ca ch de us

Additional Information

You can now run "make" (or gmake on FreeBSD) to compile.



Thomas Baumgart

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