Translating Krita to Hindi and Indian languages

Raghavendra kamath raghu at
Sun Jul 12 08:45:57 BST 2020

Hey guys,

When I checked if Krita is available in Indian languages, I found that the 
condition of translation is poor.  So without thinking much I took the task of 
translating Krita. I am starting from Hindi and if I suceed I will move to 
other language that I can help with.

After starting in ethusiasm, I now see this is a huge task, so I wanted to 
know if any Indian artists subscribed to the list here would be interested in 
helping out. If you wish to join me in translating please mail me or ping me 
on Krita irc (nick - raghukamath), I can help you in setting up and get 

I have already started the translation and have completed few pages in docs 
and some parts of the application, I plan to spend few hours daily to slowly 
complete this task :)

Thank you
Raghavendra Kamath

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