Documentation website is using English website title on Localized pages

Raghavendra kamath raghu at
Fri Jul 3 14:38:02 BST 2020

Hi Tyson,

Thank you for reporting this.

I added the version number to the python config file may that is what made it 
appear on the title. I checked the theme file and this portion is dynamically 
added when documentation is generated. Right now I don't know how to make it 
into a translatable string but I'll search for it.

Thank you

On Friday, 3 July, 2020 1:14:27 PM IST Tyson Tan wrote:
> Hi,
> Krita's documentation website displays "Krita Documentation Version
> 4.3.0" behind every page's title. This string is not translatable, but
> still shows on the localized pages. It is very, very bad for SEO. As a
> result, the now completely translated Chinese documentation is
> recognized as a English website and thus not showing up in Chinese
> search engines. Can we make the website title translatable? And is it
> possible to mark the localized versions correctly with their languages
> and regions in their meta tag, so the search engines can index them
> properly? Thanks!
> Best,
> Tyson Tan

Raghavendra Kamath

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