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Boudewijn Rempt boud at valdyas.org
Mon Sep 23 09:05:57 BST 2019


I couldn't find your email address in the identity.kde.org system. Do you remember either the email address or the username you registered with? If neither, maybe the quickest solution would be to make a new account. If you do, we can ask KDE's sysadmins to help out.

On donderdag 19 september 2019 04:39:37 CEST P3 wrote:
> Hello. I apologies for directing emailing, but I am having issues with
> contacting someone who could help me retrieve my KDE forums account as
> there is no proper function to do so or guide to help resolve my situation.
> I've been trying to contact someone on and off for a couple of weeks to a
> couple of months now and it's getting extremely frustrating to say the
> least.

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