Implementing Magnetic Lasso for Krita

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Mon Mar 25 13:34:24 GMT 2019


On ২৫/৩/১৯ ৫:৫৯ PM, Dmitry Kazakov wrote:
> Whether or not to use this "third" way is actually depends on whether
> you tool will generate  bezier curves. If you are going to have bezier
> curves, then you should reuse the code from KoCreatePathTool. How to
> use it? This decision is up to you. You can either reuse it in the
> current (not very pretty approach) or just refactor the base tool into
> some kind of strategy that will be reused by both KisToolPath and your
> tool.

My idea is to have points/anchors/nodes but not bezier curves, the
selection would just be a vector of points like what the outline tool
does and the points/anchors/nodes act as checkpoints where you can go
back if you make any mistake. Though some of the functionality of the
path tool like creating points/nodes/anchors on click, removing
points/nodes/anchors with right click and completing the path when the
user clicks on the first node will be duplicated. Is that enough
functionality I am borrowing that I will redoing the Path Tool, though
feels like the polygon tool is a closer candidate but I am confused. :-(

Kuntal M

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