Fwd: Krita 4.1.8 released.

Boudewijn Rempt boud at valdyas.org
Wed Mar 6 07:20:57 GMT 2019

I'm not going to make builds or anything, this is just for distributions:

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Subject: Krita 4.1.8 released.
Date: woensdag 6 maart 2019, 08:17:55 CET
From: Boudewijn Rempt <boud at valdyas.org>
To: distributions at kde.org, kde-distro-packagers at kde.org, KDE release coordination <release-team at kde.org>

I have just made a tarball for Krita 4.1.8. This is only relevant for people packaging Krita with the X11 variant of Qt 5.12. Qt 5.12 has a number of problems, and the only fixes in this release are workarounds for those problems and one improvement that is only relevant for freedesktop-based desktops:

1) there a workaround for


That is, an instant crash when using a tablet.

2) a workaround for a conflict between Qt's new xcb implementation and
Krita's xcb implementation

3) a fix to make Krita the top handler for .kra files on freedesktop-
based systems (https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=337272)

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