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Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Sat Aug 24 17:23:23 BST 2019

El dijous, 22 d’agost de 2019, a les 15:19:22 CEST, Wolthera va escriure:
> Hi,
> After several months of working with the current system of a draft and a
> master branch(where master is 'stable'), we've decided this is a bit hard
> on contributors coming in from other KDE projects(like Antoni and Yurchor).
> It also makes it hard to 'backport' a fix.
> We've therefore decided to change the branches workflow so that there's a
> 'stable' branch and a master branch where all the work happens. This will
> then be consistent to how the main Krita repository handles stable and
> master branches. The branch has the same name even, 'krita/4.2', but
> instead it's in 'websites/docs-krita-org' repository.

So you want "l10n master" to track websites/docs-krita-org/master and "l10n stable" to track websites/docs-krita-org/krita/4.2

or you want "l10n master" to track websites/docs-krita-org/krita/4.2

Usually we don't have master/stable for webs so I'd suggest the second even if it feels a bit weird.


> I am writing this mail because scripty will need to be pointed at this new
> stable branch. I have also sent out a sysadmin request for having the
> jenkins builder point at the stable branch. I won't be completing the last
> step(merging draft into master), until I have confirmation both have been
> done, so we won't get any nasty surprises.
> (Also ccing the krita developer mailinglist in this mail)
> Thanks in advance,

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