One handed users and other requests.

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Fri Oct 5 15:16:00 BST 2018

Hello, I run the Krita group on FB.
I have a user that was asking about  one handed Krita use. I could not tell
him much but began experimenting.

I found that if I have two wacom graphic tablets plugged into 4.13 on KDE
Manjaro Linux that I get two pens on each tablet for a total of 4 pens.
Each pen can have its own paint brush and this works well but what was
funny to me as an artist is that when I dipped one brush in the paint for a
new color, all the other brushes would also be dipped and have the same
color! This clearly not how it works in real life. LOL

So should it not be that the color is also bound to each brush?

Also noted that when I click shift in the perspective tools it locks it to
0,90, 180 and 270 degrees but in Vector mode it is locked at every (10
degrees?). I think this locking at each 10 or 20 degrees should be the
standard for all tools.

Thanks and happy 4.2 making!

PS if you know any one handed Krita tricks please let me know.

Douglas E Knapp, MSAOM, LAc.
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