[feature]Merged in the palette branch. T112

Wolthera griffinvalley at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 08:29:11 UTC 2017

I have been chugging away at making a new palette docker while staying at
boud and irina's. When I was initially doing this in python, we realised it
might be better to extend KisPaletteView(this widget is used in the palette
docker and the lazybrush tool options amongst others).

I managed to add the following functionality past week:
1. You will see groups/group names in the view. The index from id/ and id
from index functions have been updated to deal with the new groupnames
taking up space.
2. You can rename groups.
3. You can edit swatches.
4. New swatches added with the palette docker will ask for a name and id.
5. You can drag and drop swatches.
6. You can drag and drop groups.
7. The palettemodel now has a convenience function for providing entries at
indices as well. I am wondering if I should move the add entry/add
group/remove entry/remove group functionality to the model as well to make
it more in line with how model/view programming should work.
8. There's a basic ManagedColor python API now that allows people to deal
with KoColor.
9. There's a basic Palette python API as well, but this still needs to be
extended with all the new shiny stuff.

Anyway, I just merged this. I will continue on working on extra stuff in my
own branch, of course.

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