Researching python plugin

Brendan Scott disposableemail at
Fri Jun 2 06:38:46 UTC 2017


A hobby project of mine is a Python application that maps out perspective spaces. I would like to see if I can take it a little further and turn it into a Krita plugin using its upcoming Python scripting.  Is the scripting component in a useable enough state for me to start tinkering?* If so, is there a scripting branch and where do I find it? Is it just in the current development version?



* Based on its current state I'd probably want to catch mouse events, draw/erase lines and create/rename layers.  Given that there are perspective assistants in Krita I imagine I'd probably want API access to them at some stage too.

This page:

Has a dead link for:
* its github mirror:

* its API GUIDE reference:

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