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Wolthera griffinvalley at
Sun Jan 31 14:19:49 UTC 2016


I wanted to tell/warn that I am merging in my color mess branch. It has a
host of new features, and one of two bugfixes, including in the cmyk color
space traits... It's therefore recommended to make a clean build so that
this bug will be resolved.

Full commit can be seen here:

New features:

Colorspace browser:
* there's now a trc widget in the colorspace browser. It'll show whether
there's a gamma function applied to the channels. It'll also make it easy
to identify linear spaces: They are named as such because the resultant
curve in this widget is linear.
* CMYK spaces and other clut profiles are now sampled. This is currently
displayed with a series of dots and hopefully will be able to use Smjert's
convexhull algorithm patch in the future.
* CMYK and Clut trc are also sampled, but I am not 100% sure whether they
are displayed right.
* The info box of each color spaces now gives the copyright embedded into
an icc profile(untranslatable, as far as I can tell). It also gives which
icc transformation intents are possible with the profile.
* General clean-up of the color space browser: It's now clearer and some of
the advanced information has been put into the tooltips for the two widgets.

* RGB, LAB and GRAY scale now enjoy color managed lighter and darker
actions. Future work is allowing users to set the steps for these.
* Also new: Saturate/Desaturate/Shift hue
clock/counter-clockwise/redder/greener/bluer/yellower keys have been added.
These need testing. NOTE: Krita's color system works in such a way that if
you have a LAB selector and pick a color from it, it'll register that color
as a LAB color regardless of your canvas. Therefore hotkeys work on the
colorspace of the color and not of the image.

* HSI/HSY'/YCrCb for the hsv adjustment filter.
* The HSY' selector is now linearised... so we can call it the HSY selector.
* Subpixel precision for dulling mode on the color smudge brush. This
doesn't work in smearing mode to prevent calculation errors, but dulling
mode should be fine and it'll give nice smoothness.

Not in:
* Special mixing modes for color smudge brush. It seems I should make this
into a composite op/blending mode.

Have fun!
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