Release Blockers for Krita 2.8

Dmitry Kazakov dimula73 at
Tue Jan 28 11:44:17 UTC 2014


Today we were triaging bugs in Krita for the release.

Link to the original file:

Here is the list with which we ended-up.

General Blockers:

Bug 325659 <> - All settings in
LUT Management disabled when using OpenColorIO (ocio)

Bug 329967 <> - Crash after
drawing freehand path on vector layer

Bug 330331 <> - Crash on
application exit (calling input manager after its destructions)

Bug 291170 <> - particle brush
breaks scratchpad

Bug 326441 <> - Brush parameters
mixes up when switch between Stylus and Eraser

Bug 329846 <> - Filters
processing not limited by selected area

Bug 316896 <> - Tool options
widget broken

Bug 313218 <> - krita reset
custom keyboard shortcut (?)
Tablet on Linux:

Bug 330492 <> - Using Text Brush
either crashes or hangs-up Krita

Bug 326441 <> - Brush parameters
mixes up when switch between Stylus and Eraser.

Tablet on Windows (can be postponed a bit, because we don’t have packagers
in the pipeline):

330415: Right click ON WACOM STYLUS does bring up menu but no favorite
brush can be chosen <>

330333 <>: Clicking with the
mouse after using the stylus or viceversa doesn't work the first


Bug 329048 <>- Krita freeze
under when trying to insert text

Bug 329006 <> - Duplicating
layer group causes some child layers to become uneditable

Bug 330194 - in krita (transform) "Redo doesn't work on Transform tool:”

Bug 330040 <> - Enabling OpenGL
with an Intel integrated GPU causes the canvas-only mode to malfunction
Would be also nice to fix:

315815 in krita (Tools) "closing path problem" [Normal,Confirmed: ]

330400 in krita (usability) "Opening *.Kpp open a dialog 'Missing Filter'
with a list of                   fileformat"

310331 in krita (krita sketch) "Installer does not associate krita sketch
with .kra files"

Bug 301443 <> - CandleGlass.exr
is not loaded correctly

Bug 325423 <> - speed dynamic
doesn't work

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