Roadmap discussion for 2.9 and 3.0

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Wed Feb 19 10:04:46 UTC 2014

Krita Roadmap

2.8 will be awesome, but after 2.8 comes 2.9...

During the 2.8 beta phase, we've been lucky to have had a lot of input on 
areas where Krita should be better. The main areas are:

* MDI interface (more than one document loaded in one window)

* Mask handling: creating and converting masks is not as easy as it should 

* Selection handling: modifying selections is really inconvenient at the 

* Line quality: we should try and figure out how better anti-alias 
especially thin lines. This wasn't a problem before because our display 
quality wasn't very good, but since that's excellent now, it is a problem

* Performance of the color correction system: the final conversion step 
for display is now holding us back. We might be able to move that to the 
GPU as well, for the OpenGL canvas

* Text and vector tools. We share these with Calligra. The current system 
is a hybrid of ODT, ODG and SVG. Creating and manipulating text is 
difficult, the difference between the two text tools is hard to explain, 
and finally, the results aren't good and we cannot save all features the 
gui offers.

* The dirty brush proposal and related preset handling issues

This is obviously already more than we can handle in one release period, 
so we need to prioritize. Also, I might have forgotten a topic that is 
more important than any of these!

Then there is the roadmap towards 3.0. 3.0 should be our Qt5 release, 
which means no refactoring, just porting. For that to be as smooth as 
possible, at least the MDI refactoring should have landed, and any other 
big refactorings that influence which dependencies we have.


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