[PATCH] Replace old wdg_imagesize.ui with the new wdg_imagescale.ui

Juan Palacios jpalaciosdev at gmail.com
Sat Oct 12 18:38:23 UTC 2013

The attached patch applies to some files of the directory

The old (and now unused) wdg_imagesize.ui is still on trunk. The
functionality of this dialog was replaced by wdg_imagescale.ui in some
point of the past.

This patch renames the file wdg_imagescale.ui to wdg_imagesize.ui,
overwriting him. This is done to preserve code consistency between the
source files that implement the dialog logic (dlg_imagesize.*), the
classes (WdgImageSize now inherits from Ui::WdgImageSize instead of
Ui::WdgImageScale) and the *.ui file.
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