Krita Junior Job: Alignment

Juan Palacios jpalaciosdev at
Wed Oct 9 21:03:45 UTC 2013


My name is Juan Palacios and I have been working on the krita junior job of
QLabels alignment.

In the past days i have been setting (where aplicable) a Qt::AlignRight |
Qt::AlignVCenter alignment on almost all QLabels. I write 'almost all'
because there are some labels that seems a bit of out of place when the
alignment is set to right, so i ended up skipping them. This is caused
because those dialogs was designed with a left aligned QLabels in mind.

While i was doing this task, i discovered some other things that can be
polished on some dialogs. I plan to work a little more on this in the

Patch is attached.

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