[calligra] krita: Major fixes for the Krita filtering system

Lukast dev lukast.dev at gmail.com
Fri May 31 18:34:58 UTC 2013

2013/5/30 Dmitry Kazakov <dimula73 at gmail.com>:
> Git commit 8ace3ad4756d1f0a9a1b13997dae54215629af0f by Dmitry Kazakov.
> Committed on 30/05/2013 at 20:10.
> Pushed by dkazakov into branch 'master'.
> Major fixes for the Krita filtering system
> Now there is no preview mask thing. All the preview is generated
> by the strokes system is absolutely the same way as it is done
> for real filtering. This effectively fixes two things:
> 1) Filter preview for masks
> 2) Fixes a crash when pressing OK while the preview update is running
> The patch also removes the KisFilterHandler thing, because it made
> switching filters in the filter dialog fail (you could switch them,
> by it didn't have any effect). Now its work is done by a simple
> QSignalMapper.

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