Blender and Krita Integration Proposal.

Paul Geraskin paulgeraskin at
Thu May 30 10:01:25 UTC 2013


I would like to make a proposal about blender and Krita integration. To 
update layers in blender and krita instantly.
Blender has good 3d painting and Krita has good 2d painting. The 
integration will allow most blender artists move to Krita for making 
cool textures. The more 3d artists move ti Krita, the more donations 
will be.

My pic explanation:
My video explanation:

All you need from Krita's part is to make "Linked Layers" which could be 
loaded from png files and krita can update/save these "Linked Layers" to 
the same png files.

Also if you add this support, then i can make video introduction to 
blendernation. About 10000 people will see this video. The introduction 
to Blender+Krita could be like that one:

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