Krita 2.7 features

Maria Far mariafar.94 at
Sat May 25 15:47:47 UTC 2013

Thanks to both for adding and correct the points of the other list. So, now
i have the following features:

-Freehand path tool
-QML export
-Applying curves to the alpha channel to the curves filter.
-Support for creating seamless textures to Krita, image offset tool.
-Grayscale selections
-Improvements on the transform tool
-Better smothing
-Better color to alpha filter
-Shapes can be painted with the brush
-Composition docker : stack can be browsed with up and down arrow;
visibility state can be batch exported
-Color button on Krita toolbar open the Qt color menu, allowing color
picking colors on all desktop, HSV color selecting with numeric, Hex, and
system wide palette sharing.
- / switch last preset selected with current ; useful to store a drawing
tool and a eraser , or a paint tool and a smudger
-A new 'color to apha' filter
-The 2.7 king feature with greyscale mask : Texture option for many brush
engines + textures kit
-Better smudge brush engine
-Filter brush new option
-Multiple tablet handling on multiscreen ( for Cintiqs + classic tablet
both connected to dual screen)
-Control + Alt : pick color on the active layer only, not visible color
-Custom sliders on top toolbar(opacity/ flow / size ), layer stack style (
minimal /detailed / thumb )
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