Krita performance.

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Tue May 21 14:42:27 UTC 2013

On Sunday 19 May 2013 May 09:51:22 Simon Legrand wrote:
> Hi guys. As an effort to make Krita used by artists in my studio I have to
> show them why it is beneficial to use Krita over Photoshop on wine (or ever
> harder, photoshop on a windows box).
> My first step would be to, at least, replace Photoshop CS2 on wine with
> Krita.
> The first hurdle and the hardest one to justify for now is performance.
> Even though Krita says it does high bit depth and large size canvas on the
> UI (and the website), it still does not make it possible to do any work at
> those high resolutions.

Which version did you test exactly? The Centos build (23 or 24?) or a home-grown build?

> A very simple example, is to put CS2 on wine and Krita, on the same machine
> running next to each other.
> In this test I created an A4, 300dpi document, then I painted it with fill
> and gradient. So far so good. Then I doubled the size of the document
> again, I could see krita was starting to slow down, but it was still ok. I
> then attempted to double the canvs again, but that was a limit I think. 

Hm, that is 14032x9632 -- that is a bit beyond what we currently assume are normal working sizes :-( I'm wondering whether we aren't reaching the limit of our tile approach here. At 16 bit/channel (whether float of integer) that's about a gigabyte of uncompressed data per layer.
We're tracking attempts to improve here:

> So
> I moved on to convert to 16bit. Photoshop did it effortlessly, but Krita
> crash.

Did you start out at 8 bit rgba, or 32 bit float? I couldn't quite see on the movie.

> This is only the first of a series of comparisons I will run. But,
> essentially, if Krita cannot outperform Photoshop on wine, it's impossible
> for me to convert my studio to it. The price tag is not really an issue,
> what our artists need is performance. Even the UI quirks are something
> artists can get used to, Mari was adopted in the industry extremely quickly
> even though it had a UI no one had used before. Because performance drew
> the industry to use it.
Boudewijn Rempt,,

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