Pseudo-infinite canvas feature

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Wed May 8 09:32:19 UTC 2013

Genius! I really look forward to using it! :D

How about it appearing after 40%, with possibility of adjusting the threshold in preferences?

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Subject: Pseudo-infinite canvas feature


I have just pushed a small feature to master... :) It is not actually the "infinite" canvas feature, but it makes the life of the painters who have to often resize the image a bit easier.

Now when you scroll the image far behind the edge of the screen you'll see a small stripe on the opposite edge of the canvas widget. If you click on that stripe, the image will be automatically expanded to fill your screen ;) You can expand the image into all four sides!

You can see a screenshot here:

So, it might be cool if someone tested it and gave some feedback about the feature. The main questions about it are:

1) Is the size of the stripe ok, or it should be wider?
2) How about the threshold? Shouldn't the stripes appear earlier? Currently, they appear when you scroll out the image by about 60%. Probably, the threshold is too high, isn't it?

Dmitry Kazakov
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