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Yuri Fidelis contato.yurifidelis at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 22:57:13 UTC 2013


After a long delay (finishing school... not college, high school!) I
decided to get back to help with Krita's abr (Photoshop) brush support.

This is where I stopped:
Looking at how Photoshop dynamics work and seeing how they can be
translated to Krita. I'm currently updating the document to include Krita
features today.

Maybe it would be interesting to put this table on the Wiki so everyone can
help to keep it up-to-date, while hacking at Krita to make those dynamics
work for the user in a single click.

This is more of an automation task for the user, anyway. I spent some time
importing abr brushes and getting the dynamics to work like in Photoshop,
and got pretty good results already.

One of the more interesting issues I had was with Flow: there is no
separate section to configure Flow dynamics, instead it is inside the
Opacity dynamics. So this could be interesting to see implemented, and is
among the things I "noted down" to start hacking. Krita's code is still a
mistery to me, but I'm starting to get around and will help along as I can.

Yuri Fidélis P. P.
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