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Tue Jan 29 15:25:52 UTC 2013

Le 29/01/2013 09:22, Boudewijn Rempt a écrit :
> Hi,
> Please check
> for errors and mistakes and report them to me so I can fix every issue
> before I send it out to possible reviewers :-)
> Thanks!
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Great job on this!
Noticed only 2 typos:
Page 2: typo in "Krita is part of the Calligra Suite of creative and 
produtivity applications" (productivity)
Page 15: missing closing parenthesis in "The versatile transform tool 
(normal transform, 3D transform and warp transform has been updated to 
give much nicer results in much less time, thanks to sponsorship for 
Dmitry Kazakov by the Krita Foundation."

And also, I would like to say great job to Dmitry on the transform tool. 
Fixing all those bugs must not have been easy, as I am not sure the code 
was well commented/written. Out of curiosity, how did you improve speed 
exactly; did you also modified the algorithms (like warping) to improve 


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