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Hello everyone,

Boudewijn Rempt  wrote:
> I've just returned from the notary for the first visit for founding the Krita Foundation 

Great to know :-)

> I've given them the Blender Foundation goals as a template...

I am pretty sure the "Blender template" is a VERY good start to begin with :-)

Joking aside, Blender is very powerful and, particularly in  these past years, it has made a big progress forward.

I am not an artist and I only use Blender as a video editor.
IMHO it is amazingly powerful (not to mention it is multi-platform and highly stable both on Linux and Windows 7 - 64 bit).
Its documentation is huge (and You-Tube is your very best friend for this area).

For every open source software I consider "professional" (LibreOffice, Firefox-Thunderbird and naturally Blender) there is some sort of "Foundation" behind it which, more or less, supports its development.

I am aware some open source developers are a bit "skeptical" about a foundation (to say the least)...
Surely this is a very controversial topic :-)
Take for instance Gimp: its developers are *brilliant* (NO doubt about this) and the 2.8 release is very interesting in many respects.
Nevertheless, the Gimp development has always been pretty slow (please, don't take this as a criticism) :-(
In my view, these past years, most new features regarding Gimp have been developed during a Google Summer of Code by external "students" sponsored by Google.
If you take a look at the Gimp changelog (http://git.gnome.org/browse/gimp/log/) most commits are "simple" (by simple I do NOT mean easy) bug-fixing.
This probably as a result of their undeserved lack of manpower.

Best regards,

Silvio Grosso

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I've just returned from the notary for the first visit for founding the Krita Foundation (only because of Dutch laws, it's going to be officially called Stichting Krita Foundation, where Stichting == Foundation).

I've given them the Blender Foundation goals as a template:

    To establish services for active users and developers of Krita

    To maintain and improve Krita via a public accessible source code system under the GNU GPL license

    To establish funding or revenue mechanisms that serve the foundation's goals and cover the foundation's expenses

    To provide individual artists and small teams with a complete, free and open source digital art creation pipeline.

Initially, there will be one person on the board, the founder -- that's me. I want to add two more members to the board after the foundation, and I would prefer to have at least one artist there. The board's duties are to have one yearly meeting and check the finances.

I will get the draft statutes next week so I can tweak the goals and check for weird things.

Boudewijn Rempt
http://www.valdyas.org, http://www.krita.org, http://www.boudewijnrempt.nl
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