Unit test failures

Sven Langkamp sven.langkamp at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 13:54:11 UTC 2012


we currently have quite a few unit test failures. I have started going
through them and already fixed some bugs. I think we reallly need to be
more carefully with the test. There were some cases were the unit test
broke and some serious problems slipped in unnoticed. We should try to get
it to zero or at least turn off some test, so that we don't miss new

There are currently 15 Krita related unit tests are failing in Jenkins:

krita-ui-FreehandStrokeTest (Likely due to a slightly changed algorithm
when using Vc, might need to update result images)
krita-image-KisFilterSelectionsBenchmark (Timeout, works locally, Any idea
how benchmarks are blacklisted?)
krita-image-KisLowMemoryTests (also timeout)
krita-image-KisHistogramTest (crash after it can't create histogram
producer for YCBCR (no profiles available), disable YCBCR?)
krita-ui-KisZoomAndPanTest (fails on server, locally it seems to run in an
infinite loop)
krita-ui-kis_node_model_test (I fixed that, so it runs locally. No idea why
it still fails in Jenkins)
krita-ui-KisSelectionManagerTest (fails as there is no selection node after
deselect. Did we change that behavior?)
libs-widgets-KoResourceTagging_test (works locally, I think nepomuk might
not working on the Jenkins server)
libs-pigment-TestKoRgbU8ColorSpaceTester (F32 doesn't compute exactly the
expected values, might need fuzzy compare)

Sometimes also the clone layer test fails (like every four or five time).

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