Proposal: Canvas Interaction Enhancements

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Tue May 15 21:30:18 UTC 2012

On 05/15/2012 10:17 PM, Timothée Giet wrote:
> 2012/5/15 Cyrille Berger Skott <cberger at 
> <mailto:cberger at>>
>     On Tuesday 15 May 2012, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
>     > * Ideally, we'd be able to completely get rid of the zoom and
>     pan tool --
>     > the color picker tool has an extra information panel and
>     settings like the
>     > radius, but maybe we can put the information in the overview
>     panel. I'm
>     > not sure artists actually use the radius to sample the average
>     color?
>     Right now, color picking works like this: "color is selected on
>     click release"
>     Here is a suggestion. which would remove the need for radius to
>     sample and
>     might make it more usefull for artists: the user press and hold
>     the mouse
>     button, then the colour get continuously mixed with the colour on
>     the canvas,
>     until the user release the mouse.
>     So basically, as long as the user click and release, it is the
>     same behaviour
>     as now. But if he wants some kind of radius to sample, he just
>     have to keep
>     the button down and move his mouse pointer.
> I very much like this idea (if it can be included on color picker 
> shortcut, I personnally never use the color-picker tool itself)

Just a little note for poeple as me who use almost every 3 strokes the 
color picker ( Control key while painting , mapped on my stylus button ).
It's happen to me to do small unwanted gesture while Control is pressed 
and painting ; it can be micro lenght stroke at the moment of color 
picking of 3 or 4 pixels. But it would be a disaster if Krita understand 
to sample color of 4 pixel radius at this moment and set it.

So, I like the idea ; I just prevent that the feature should try to 
'guess' intentionnal action of user to define a radius.
And not record the pointing of stylus who never does 'clean' button 
click ; but always add a little strokes in it.

My two cents :)


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