Krita on Centos 5.8

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Sat May 12 18:43:01 UTC 2012

On Saturday 12 May 2012 May, Dotan Cohen wrote:

> Nice job, Boudewijn! I can only imagine what type of weekend you are having!

Sort of okay -- bit of bug fixing, bit of compiling, bit of sculpture, the weather continues cold and rainy...

> A dear friend of mine, for whom I bought the Krita DVD, is hopeful
> that Krita may someday run on Windows reliably. Does this effort for a
> CentOS port pave the way for the Windows version installer for mere
> humans like herself?

Well... The windows installer came first: -- I get less and less complaints about it, which probably means the initial furore has died down. We need more testing on different versions of Windows, that's for sure. Can't say much more, but the windows version has my attention as well.

> When you find yourself in the Beersheba area, there will be a cold beer waiting!


Boudewijn Rempt,,

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