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Tue May 1 09:42:57 UTC 2012

Hi. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the welcoming message.

There is in fact a very large/desperate need for a Linux photoshop
replacement in the world of VFX. I would very much doubt that Krita
hasn't been used already quite a bit in some of the larger studios. I
know I have many times for all sorts of purposes. When I didn't have a
windows machine with photoshop or when I couldn't be bothered firing
it up, I very often used Gimp and Krita. And I'm not alone.

Right now it's actually hard for us to get sys-admins to get off their
bums and install the latest and greatest. Most studios are constrained
to Centos 5 by Autodesk and the Foundry who only offer support on
Redhat systems. Most of studios use centos because it's free redhat,
so they get the free part to install on their 40k core + render farms
and they also get support from Autodicks. I mean Autode$k.

If you truly want Krita used in films I can promise you that if it
appears in the centos 5 and up repos it will be used more and more by
very large studios. And I'll be happy to report my own use of it on
films as well.

On Sun, Apr 29, 2012 at 2:54 AM, Sven Langkamp <sven.langkamp at> wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 28, 2012 at 2:24 PM, Simon Legrand <legrand.simon at>
> wrote:
>> Hi David. Good to see you on this list! I've been following your work
>> since Syntel.
>> I was thinking of applying to join the team for Mango, but sadly for
>> the moment I'm just too busy. I'm at (Digital Domain London).
>> Also I can't say that my blender knowledge is really comparable to my
>> Maya and Houdini knowledge. :( But I'm good at learning on the spot ;)
>> Anyways. Thanks a lot for your help. I have indeed been using Krita at
>> home quite a lot via Kubuntu repos (for a few years actually). I'm
>> just trying to get work to install it on our workstations and I'd like
>> it to be as easy as possible for our IT guys. If they need to find and
>> compile too many libraries they simply won't don't it and we'll be
>> stuck with a windows machine just for photoshop. Which bothers me
>> personally since I have a real hatred for windows. (I'm honest)
>> I'm sure we'll meet some day. Either in France or Amsterdam. If you
>> ever come to London, je te paierai une bierre. ;)
>> Goot luck with the rest of Mango!
> By the way, we are really interested in feedback from professionals. So far
> David was the only one who had been working on a movie and he already
> provided lots of great feedback.
> I'm actually very surprised that anyone from one of the big visual effects
> companies even looked at Krita. Although Mango is the first movie where
> Krita was used, I would totally love to see a movie in the cinema were I
> know that Krita was used. Maybe one day I can go to the cinema and see a
> piece of Pandora designed with Krita :)
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