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Timothée Giet animtim at
Sun Mar 25 12:18:01 UTC 2012

Interesting idea!
I wouldn't be mad if you lose preset compatibility with 2.4 for this brush
engine if it's to get a much more powerful one after
(and as you noticed we have only one preset right now, so it can easily be
redone on new engine if necessary)

Le 24 mars 2012 22:44, Lukast dev < at> a écrit :

> Hello,
> I started new branch for deform brush improvements.
> The intentions for the branch are:
> o add color mixing when deforming [WIP is in]
> o pressure support so that you can control which deform action
>   is performed according the sensors (e.g. to shrink or to grow
> according pressure)
> o trying to use brash masks to determine deform area, currently only
> ellipsoid shape is supported [here might be presets problem -- how to
> load current presets into our brush selection dialog..]
> I will try to not to break support for 2.4, but it might be too hard
> to support those old presets.
> The brush is marked experimental. And so far we ship only one preset.
> We will see.
> Lukas
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