Typing very *high* values for the text freezes Krita on Ubuntu

silvio grosso grossosilvio at yahoo.it
Fri Jan 6 13:43:55 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

I would like to fill up a new bug concerning the text tool.

I work on Ubuntu 11.10 (Unity Shell) and I run Krita 2.4 beta 5 (through the ppa neon-project package).
I have tested this bug on Windows 7 as well.

I have tried to test a bit further this bug:

As of now, imho, at least on my Ubuntu 11.10, it is not possible to select any text easily.

A new text bug I have discovered today freezes Krita beta 5 on Linux:
- Fire up Krita and open a new Rgb custom document;
- Write some text;
- Select this text (well, it is a bit difficult but....)
- When you have finally *selected* your text, type in the box a very high value:  e.g. 99999.
 I know this value is *weird* but I am testing Krita :-)
- Krita freezes because it is unable to apply this big value to the *selected* text.
In short, it does not crash on Linux but it becomes unresponsive.

I have tried to type big text values on Gimp 2.7.4 to see how it behaves :-)
With Gimp you can type these big values (e.g. 99999).
BUT, as soon as you hit enter to apply them, they are deleted (in order to avoid Gimp to crash or freeze).

I have recorded a video with all my steps to freeze Krita 2.4 beta 5.
You can get it here:

On Windows 7, Krita 2.4 beta 5  crashes as soon as you hit enter.
While on Ubuntu 11.10 only freezes the GUI.

If someone else confirms this bug I can fill myself it on the Krita's  bug tracker :-)

Best regards,

Silvio Grosso

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