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Thu Feb 16 00:41:15 UTC 2012

Francisco, any new way to paint creatively in Krita is welcome.
Since you don't seem sure how to go about realizing this project, let
me tell you that you can implement an effect like this with our
infrastructure without need to add a new type of layer to support the

Our layers, as you obviously know, store the color channel of each
pixel separately, and treats the canvas as a big group of pixels (like
any other raster program does). If you think of the canvas as a panel
of sand, then you can imagine that in a grayscale layer (which has
only 2 channels fer pixel, the black-white channel and the alpha
channel) the black-white channel represents amount of sand, and alpha
channel is as always just alpha channel.

Imagine of ways to simulate your effect using pixels as they are
normally used in raster programs. If you can do it this way, you don't
need to create new types of layers and you can make your brush work
with nothing more than a new brush engine.

If you plan to do a new brush engine, you can begin exploring, as I
told you in another e-mail, with the fine empty brush made by a
Code-In student in 2011, and if you decide to participate in GSoC with
your brush engine, I can mentor you.

If you have any particular doubt or if you want to do some exploration
work before going full into GSoC, feel free to ask in this mailing
list, or even login to IRC, you can enter to #Krita in, we're a friendly group.
If you want online assistance you can find me online in the afternoons
around 3 to 9 PM in GMT -3 time (Chilean time). (I'm Pentalis in IRC).

Good luck and hope to see you around!  =)

On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 11:38 AM, Francisco Fernandes
<francisco.fernandes.j at> wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> I've had this idea for a sand painting brush last year but I didn't know how
> to
> develop the idea.  The brush would add "sand" in the canvas like this
> site does but instead
> of drop in the base of the screen, it would throw it in the 2D plane of the
> canvas where the
> mouse is and then the user would spread the sand through the plane
> like this sand
> painting video, but mixing the colors in the channels in a fuzzy way.
> I had ask some tips from one of my teachers here in my university, which
> worked in a sand
> shading using GLSL. He told me that I would work with particles in the
> canvas.
> I'm still waiting for some material of his to get more deep in the theory
> needed to do it,
> although I couldn't find any in the internet.
> I wanted to contribute for a long time and I really think this would
> be a nice feature to Krita, although I don't know how to do it yet. I'm
> eager to
> do the job and I'm searching some papers about this type of effect.
> Anyway, do you guys like the idea? It's worth a GSoC project?
> Att.
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