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Boudewijn Rempt boud at valdyas.org
Thu Nov 24 08:21:42 UTC 2011

On Thursday 24 November 2011 Nov, Sam Taylor wrote:
> Hey,
> Sorry to bother you, but I had a question, would I be able to use Krita for the concept art I am doing for this game I'm making? I need an art program to alter  and tweak the stuff I draw on paper.

If you're using Linux, yes. Krita explicitly supports the creation of concept art. If there's something missing for you, don't hesitate to mail this list to discuss your requirements. Since you mention games, I have to add that Krita is not suitable if you want to create pixel-precise art in the eighties game style or artwork that isn't at least 8 bits/channel rgb. That is, we don't do gifs.

I've managed to compile but not yet run Krita on Windows, but even if I get the installer done before 2.4 is released, the result will be highly experimental! On Linux, Krita is pretty stable. If you want to try Krita, do try to install either one of the 2.4 beta releases that are packaged for various distributions, or try to build from source so you always have the latest fixes.

You can get a training dvd from our website. It's focussed on comics, but it will be a good start in any case.
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