[Bug 269390] Color-Smudge Bug using Predefined Brushes > x1

Timothée Giet animtim at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 20:36:56 CET 2011

PS: Strange, it seems the "Z-test pressure" animated brush doesn't work only
on some of my presets,
on others it works all right.. I think I got to re-do my presets from
scratch now ( I know that's the risk of working with experimental engines )

2011/3/26 Timothée Giet <animtim at gmail.com>

> Silvio: After more test, I've found the issue is not in "regular" bitmap
> brushes (gbr) but only in
> ANIMATED bitmap brushes (gih), and the issue is that the brush only load 1
> "frame" locked during the stroke
> instead of using the animated brush correctly.
> You can check this easily using the "Z-test pressure" brush in last GPS
> pack
> you're talking about.
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