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Thu Mar 24 00:05:20 CET 2011

On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 8:20 AM, Boudewijn Rempt <boud at> wrote:

> The budget has been okayed by KDE e.V., so you can book your tickets. I
> will make sure of the accomodation tomorrow. The following people were on
> the sprint budget list:
> name                    role                    attendance    notes
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> Lukas Tvrdy             dev                     2nd time
> Boudewijn Rempt         dev                     3rd time
> Sven Langkamp           dev                     3nd time
> Dmitry Kazakov          dev                     2nd time      gsoc 2010
> Cyrille Berger          dev                     2nd time
> Adam Celarek            dev                     2nd time      gsoc 2010
> Jose Vergara            dev                     1st time      gsoc 2010
> Matus Talcik            dev                     1st time      GCI  2010
> Silvio Heinrich         dev/artist              1st time
> David Revoy             artist                  1st time
> Timothee Giet           artist                  1st time
> Bugsbane                webmaster/artist        1st time
I wonder how I attend for the 3rd time if this is the second Krita sprint
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