krita sprint in may

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Wed Mar 23 08:20:16 CET 2011

The budget has been okayed by KDE e.V., so you can book your tickets. I will make sure of the accomodation tomorrow. The following people were on the sprint budget list:

name                    role                    attendance    notes
Lukas Tvrdy             dev                     2nd time
Boudewijn Rempt         dev                     3rd time
Sven Langkamp           dev                     3nd time
Dmitry Kazakov          dev                     2nd time      gsoc 2010                   
Cyrille Berger          dev                     2nd time
Adam Celarek            dev                     2nd time      gsoc 2010
Jose Vergara            dev                     1st time      gsoc 2010
Matus Talcik            dev                     1st time      GCI  2010
Silvio Heinrich         dev/artist              1st time
David Revoy             artist                  1st time
Timothee Giet           artist                  1st time
Bugsbane                webmaster/artist        1st time

The hotel will probably be the StayOK hostel in Amsterdam. Silvio Grosso will also attend, but he's staying with his sister, and Pippin _might_ attend. Dmitry: my paperwork for your visum is underway. See you all in May! (Or April, for the Calligra sprint attendees...)

Boudewijn Rempt |,

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