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Reading those estimated ticket prizes makes me cringe...

LAN Chile had absurd ticket prizes going from US$3500 to US$5800 (with the
upside of shorter travel times).
Other airlines were less steep on the travel costs, but with larger travel
times... though I have my trusty Nintendo DS to deal with 21 hours of

For leaving on Friday and returning on Monday, average cost: US$2500
(cheapest was Swiss airlines, $2244, let's take this price)

That's the cheapest I could find (within a reasonable time frame), link

All other costs of travel are meaningless in comparison, but just for
Back and forth from Rancagua to Santiago: US$10
Back and forth from Santiago Downtown to the Airport and then back: US$24
 (Yes, they overcharge for this trip  :-)  )

I can't think of any other relevant travel cost, so rounding to the nearest
100 to compensate for unexpected situations, we have:
US$2300 to arrive at Amsterdam's airport.

Those are my estimated expenses.

That assuming I manage to get a Visa to visit Amsterdam  *crosses fingers*.

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> Hi,
> Everyone coming to the sprint who needs sponsorship for travel: please
> answer this mail _today_ with your estimated travel costs. Lukas and I need
> that to prepare the budget to send to the KDE e.V. board to ask for
> sponsorship.
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