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David REVOY davidrevoy at
Tue Jun 28 23:33:07 CEST 2011

Good job here too, :)
For the Image Docker :

* Very cool, I like how it's possible to open pictures ; the 2 main tabs 
for a browser file selector and an image viewer is a good design. I 
already do this now with Gthumb ( an image browser) , with 'always on 
top' from my window manager , and use a 'global' color picker of the app 
( visible in some of my videos, like this 
, at 00:40 )  . Having an embeded solution is really more elegant, 
because I can reduce krita, and krita will reduce it as well. Or re-open 
it after closing.

*Color picking as a behavior is really good. Maybe for user-friendlyness 
a icon of it to replace the cursor ? Not super important , as Krita is a 
pro software, user friendly things are just goodies.
[note: It will be perfect for my screenshots of gamut mask website , and 
to share palette ]

* Zooming : I like all the option and the button, very pro. Is it 
possible to also have the mouse wheel button to pan , and mouse wheel to 
zoom ? That would make navigation really fast. I also noticed the zoom 
zone selection. This is great to.

* I would like to save a collection of image ( the current opened ) , 
and load this selection too. For exemple, I work on a board game, and 
the 6 main characters have a color palette and spefic face. With this 
dockers, I can load the 6 picture of them, and use it when I need to 
paint them all together on a scene, great ! but when I close Krita, this 
info ( path of the 6 pictures ) is lost. I would also like to load the 
reference for my comics to work on it, then reload the infos about the 
board game.

* I would like to use this dock 'undocked' most of the time. But it's 
hard to place the windows with Krita, if the dockers approach a border 
even at a 100px distance , this one understand I want to dock it and 
strech the UI to propose a slot. This is also in other Ksoftwares, and 
Boud said me during the sprint this value can't be changed easily. But I 
think the developpers that hardcoded this magnetic docking things were a 
bit too large for the distance. You can't place a windows in a corner ; 
the result is undocked dock are really hard to place, and users dock 
every thing.

* As I rarely use only one reference on my screen only, I use to paste 
them as a mosaic with a image editor ( Gimp ) ; I often work like this 
, using 1/3 of my screen for reference. For a book cover , I have past 
book cover of the series, characters, photos took by the scenarist, some 
doc found on the net....etc.... I can still do my collage work like 
this, but if the dockers could shuffle them automagically for me , I 
would love it more :)

On 28/06/11 18:13, Silvio Heinrich wrote:
> Thats the docker Timothée requsted to view reference images and
> be able to pick color from them.
> If someone has time it would be nice if he could test if it crashes.
> I encountered a crash that might be related to a bug in Qt 2.6.2 that
> got fixed in 2.6.3
> (but I'm still using 2.6.2).
> If you want to test it please try to rapidly switch between directories
> (double click on the folders, not just expanding them)
> that have a lot of image files in it and tell me if it crashes (with a
> backtrace if possible) ;-)
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