Grayscale Selections

Sven Langkamp sven.langkamp at
Sat Jun 25 05:21:41 CEST 2011


as you may have seen I have started a new branch
krita-selection-grayscale-langkamp with some experiments around grayscale
masks. Dmitry wanted to have a mail to show what I'm doing.

So for now I have changed pixel and vector selection to use a grayscale with
no alpha channel instead of the current alpha colorspace. I have also fixed
the marching ants to work with that.

The biggest problem currently is that in most parts we assume the
non-selected parts to be transparent. Now the default pixel of the selection
isn't transparent anymore which means that extent() will fallback to use
KisDefaultBounds and often return an pratically infinite rect. I'm think
about adding a parameter to extent() and the other methods to optionally not
use default bounds here.

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