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Silvio Heinrich plassy at
Wed Jun 8 01:51:44 CEST 2011

On 06/08/2011 12:03 AM, Lukast dev wrote:
> Or we could have tool presets. Not a solution for our problem though :/
> It will be needed when the multihand will be more advanced like allowing
> user to define any transformation of the stroke.
Yes I also thought about tool presets some time ago.
I actually would like if this could somehow be combined with the current
preset editor.... but I seriously have no idea right now how this could
be done and how this would look like :D
> Regarding the logic confusion: the opacity option in the brush editor
> controls the mask opacity. That is different opacity then the one in
> the tool bar.
> The global opacity (in the toolbar)  is used to composite the final
> dab with canvas.
> So there is difference. Now there is slider in the option that
> controls both..not sure
> if that is good idea.
It's of course logical for us, because we know how everything works 
But just try to think like a user who doesn't know what a brush mask is, 
doesn't care about
the internal workings of krita and just want to paint.
The user sees an opacity slider int the toolbar and thinks when he will 
set it to 30% the brush stroke will
be 30% opaque (ok at least I would expect this :D).
But the previous situation was that this 30% where actually 30% of the 
opacity set in the preset editor.
So, when the opacity in the preset editor is set to 70% the overall 
opacity would be 30% of 70%.
I don't really see any benefit in this.
I mean I didn't notice this, too (because I know the internals as well).
I just noticed as I read one of Davids mails and it seemed to me that he 
was a bit confused
about the two different opacity values.

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