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Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Tue Jun 7 10:43:17 CEST 2011

On Tuesday 07 June 2011 Jun, Silvio Heinrich wrote:
> Ok, you should really see the options in the toolbar now as shortcuts to 
> the options in the preset editor.
> They reflect the state in the preset editor.

Would it make sense the make the tooblar shortcuts actually enable the preset options? In general, we want to give artists the fastest possible way to access features like opacity.

> If you disable the opacity setting in the preset editor, I find it only 
> logical to disable the opacity slider in the toolbar.
> If you disable the option, you cannot change the opacity anyway... why 
> should you be able to move the slider then?
> And why should the slider enable the opacity setting? If you disabled it 
> in the first place you don't want to change the opacity
> anyway. If you want to change the opacity again you can simply turn on 
> the option.... no?

Well, I'm not convinced -- this is maybe something that should be tested by more people, but I think that we'll get a lot of bug reports if people select a preset but cannot change the opacity. I think the preset should set the default opacity, but not lock it.

But we'd need input from other people here.

> The same with the blending mode option.
> If the coder of a PaintOp thinks that his/her brush doesn't work with
> blending modes, the blending mode option will simply be excluded and the 
> user isn't able to
> change the blending mode anymore.
> For example the smudge brush (ok this will be removed anyway :D), the 
> deform brush and the filter brush don't work with blending modes.
> The filter brush doesn't even has an opacity option! :D

True, you've got a good point there.

> Yes... the height of one cell is atm the maximum height of all the 
> cells. Maybe we should just set it to a fixed size... but I don't know 
> if this would still work when
> people have fancy GUI skins and font settings...
> But was this different before my changes?

I'm actually not sure -- but I can check the 2.3 branch...

No, it wasn't different, but the section breaks are all the same height, and that makes the effect less obvious. Maybe we can just check the height of an item with a checkbox and use that globally?

Boudewijn Rempt |,

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