Basic Idea and implementation details of Tagging - Need Suggestions from all.

srikanth tiyyagura srikanth.tulasiram at
Mon Jun 6 09:29:36 CEST 2011

On the whole discussion about tagging, what I understand mainly is two

1). The tag concept is good and every one is interested to see it working

2). About UI , it is bit weird .

For the first point, I am happy to say you all that, I started working on it
and it will be implemented within two weeks of time.

For the second point, Boudewijin Rempt and Sven had given their views about
UI part. I want to mix their ideas and implement UI part like this

1). There will be two seperate UI's for searching and add/remove functions.

2). Searching bar should look like this and it will be on the top of the
docker or widget
          | search entry  +

       Here, from search tab mentioned by boud , I removed search button,
thinking that " Whenever user type the tag name and press enter, we will
activate the search functionality. why need of again using a button here ?".
So, if I am wrong, please correct me . .

3).    Add/remove tag bar is present at the bottom of the widget or docker.
I seen the gwenview tag editor, and it's UI is good about drop-down list.

          |Add or remove tag  | \/ |+ add/remove button

 Whenever user enters a tag name, the auto-completion list will be shown as
drop-down list. And when the user selects a tag, we will check the tag is
already added to the resource or not. If it already added to the resource,
we will show remove button. If it is not there, we will show add button.

This is how the UI would be look like in my point of view. If you like it, I
will start implementing ..  or any changes :) ?
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