IRC meeting at
Sun Sep 26 14:54:46 CEST 2010


Thanks to Silvio Grosso, I and Dmitry have been and (are still being) very 
generously sponsored, but that will come to an end and there's always more 
that we can do, and maybe more people  are interested in sponsoring the 
development of Krita. Let's give them inspiration :)

So far we have a donate button. I don't know how much it is used or what is 
the status of the donations from it. But I suppose that not much money yet.
My idea is to prepare some page describing what Krita community need 

There are various areas we could mention in the page:

o Google Summer Of Code 2011

Could happen for Krita, could not of course.
We need some list of proposals - what can be done as GSoC, does not
have to be sponsored from community. Of course with risk that GSoC does not 
have to happen.

o Thesis for universities
I did thesis for Krita and I think it was really interesting.
Let's prepare possible thesis and bachelour topics and who is willing to 
mentor on those topics. They might have some "research" aims.
I have some friends who can help me in my university. Some Krita hackers 
might be interested too in thesis about Krita maybe? Or maybe you have 
contacts for teachers who would be interested.

We already have nice page here

o Community sponsored projects
Windows installer, manual. We could discuss what are your ideas. What
could be sponsored etc.

o Krita foundation
boud plan to setup this one. I think we are interested  to know how it will 
work. We could leave this point to the sprint probably.

My idea is to have an IRC meeting about various projects (or we can discuss 
this at Krita sprint, but that will be little late), who would like to work as 
sponsored developer and what kind of forms it can have (full time, part 
time,..). Any related questions will be answered. All community members will 
be invited.

What do you think about it?

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