Usage of setCurrentNodeLocked()

Cyrille Berger cberger at
Sat Sep 25 07:31:41 CEST 2010

There is an other issue with systemLocked, it locks the entire layer, even if 
some area are now free for more processing. With a clever queue, it would be 
possible to know on which area an action needs to process. For instance, if we 
have a filter on the whole image and freehand stroke on a subpart of the 
image, as soon as the filter is finished with the subpart of the image, it 
will be possible to execute the freehand action, while the filter works on 
other area (and with a clever scheduler, you can give priority to that 

Second point, actions queue is the best solution for collaborative editing, 
since it would make collaborative editing as easy as adding an action on the 
queue of the node as soon as it is received.

Now I agree with Boudewijn and Sven, visual feedback when drawing is 
important, but it does not have to be accurate, for instance, for indirect 
painting (and paintop that do not needs layer data), we could keep the 
temporary layer and delay the merging, and for direct painting just show a 
line that represents the stroke.

Cyrille Berger
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