Patch for smudge

JL VT pentalis at
Thu Sep 23 07:41:38 CEST 2010

Hello Lukas. I gave your patch thorough testing (twenty minutes
stroking the canvas, plus reading the source, making this e-mail and
preparing the images, compiling to the lastest version of Krita, etc).

On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 1:04 PM, at
< at> wrote:
> Hello,
> today I was working on bug
> that is unsolved part of the major bug 217124.
> I come up with something like you can see in the attachment.
> The behaviour of the smudge is now different in that sense that now the
> transparency of the colors run out much faster. I don't know if we want that,
> that's why I want you to test the patch and get some feedback.

This is very annoying. I tried to find out why did this happen with
your change but I decided to just keep testing.

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