patch for moving the calculation of image colours to a background thread

Adam C. nospam at
Fri Sep 17 22:08:06 CEST 2010

here is the patch. i've never done something with multiple threads, so i'm  
completely green in that area.

I need a call to KisImage::convertToQImage(..), which is quite slow,  
because it has to do much work on a big image. this is the reason i want  
it in a thread. otherwise it's not possible to update after every stroke.  
if we can replace it with something safer or faster, i'm fine with that of  

i tested it on a big image and it worked, but you know the internals :).  
the patch is not urgent, so please take your time. later i want to extend  
it, so that no two threads are running simultaneously.

thank you for the time,

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