Infinite Canvas mode at
Tue Sep 7 22:18:59 CEST 2010

On Tuesday 07 September 2010 20:02:36 Dmitry Kazakov wrote:
> Hi!
> Could someone explain me what KoCanvasController::setCanvas(Infinite) do?
> Is there any special behavior for this mode implemented?
> Why i ask? I think i can remove setVastScrolling() flag from the class and
> use mode instead. But i don't know what this mode was intended for in the
> very beginning.
> Lukas, can you help me with it?

Infinite canvas is used AFAIK only in Karbon and in Krita.
It was not INFINITE before in Krita, I implemented this type of canvas for 
Krita in GSoC 2009. I was inspired by code in Karbon.

Basically this type of canvas means that the borders are part of the canvas 
and that the events are coming to the tools. Because before there was QWidget 
(borders, maybe KoCanvasController or something like that) inside QWidget 
(canvas, paint area or I don't know how to name it -- viewport maybe).

I think that is the whole point of Infinite type of canvas, as I remember it. 
Do you need more information?

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