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I agree here with Lukas, keep standard the most shortcuts possible if 
you can make them works because here in Gnome I never could really use 
Krita 's shortcuts ; they seam to be broken and sometime works ( all ) 
and sometimes only few works. So, it's a bit frustrating at the moment, 
and I prefer click on the menu. I never did a bug repport about it 
because I don't know the reason why sometimes it works or sometime it 

For other shortcuts , here are under the common Industry* standards for 
2D painting, just for information of what most of painting user are used 
to do :
(*Industry = Manga Studio / Photoshop / Painter / Sai etc... )

Pan :             space
Zoom in :     Ctrl space
Zoom out :   Ctrl alt space
( The navigation  standard Adobe / QuarkXpress and so all graphic 
industry )

Color picker : alt

Duplicate :    Ctrl J
Duplicate all visible :  Ctrl Maj J
Flat : Ctrl E
Transform: Ctrl T

Undo : Ctrl Z
Redo : Ctrl Y

Select All : Ctrl A
Deselect All : Ctrl D
Invert (filter negatif ) : Ctrl i
Invert select : Ctrl Maj i
Tweak color hue/sat/lum : Ctrl U
( colorize picture ; Ctrl Maj U )
Tweak levels : Ctrl L
Tweak curves : Ctrl B
Redo last filter : Ctrl F

Copy : Ctrl C
Copy threw all layers : Ctrl Shift C
Paste : Ctrl V
Cut : Ctrl X
Save : Ctrl S
Save As : Ctrl Maj S
Open : Ctrl O
New : Ctrl N

Brush Tool  :  B
Eraser :   E
Text Tool : T ( or Ctrl + T )

type on number :  set brush opacity
( ex: 5=50% 55=55% 100=100% 9=90% 09=09% )

So , this is  the one I remember while writing, also the most used by my 
last Photoshop / Painter students. Only with this list is productive. 
Even if most this one makes not a lot of sense for 100% linux users, 
they are standards and most user know them as playing piano. If I would 
sell piano ; I would not redesign the position of the C , G# and A or I 
would have less customers :-D

Just my thought about :)


( PS :  Yayyy ! Krita won the 'performance' competition between 
Gimp-painter and Mypaint on my new iCore7 :  ; it 
use most of all thread more and less while Gimp painting process and 
Mypaint saturate one core only ... :( ... But that's very 'Pro' from the 
Krita dev , cool !  Is it possible to scale the brush mask more than x 2 
?  )

On 10/22/2010 08:04 AM, at wrote:
> On Friday 22 October 2010 00:07:28 Adam C. wrote:
>> Wouldn't it be easier to make a single letter shortcut "i" for invert?
> I disagree. I like that CTRL+I invert selection. It is compatible with gimp,
> so GIMP users are not confused and let's keep i for something more
> important as inverting selections. Something often needed for speed painting
> :)
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