Mirror strokes feature

LukasT.dev@gmail.com lukast.dev at gmail.com
Sun Oct 17 18:15:49 CEST 2010

On Sunday 17 October 2010 13:34:16 David REVOY wrote:
> > I will send the patch against trunk later if you are interested.

Here is the patch 
You need up-to-date trunk for this patch to work!

git-svn users:
git apply  new-alchemy-think-animation-paintop2.patch

svn users (in src/koffice/krita directory) might work:
patch -p0 < new-alchemy-think-animation-paintop2.patch

Basically first you have to enable the mirroring in the options (horizontal or 
vertical or both) and then you can setup mirror axis with CTRL+SHIFT+click

If you use tablet, tweak the opacity curve, I noticed that my tablet is 
sending quite too much opacity ~= 0 at mouseReleaseEvent so the drawing shape 
disappear. Other options does not work like Size or Rotation.

It's fun but I have feeling that the UI should be in the tool.
Some keyboard shortcut to setup the axis and also enable vertical, horizontal 
or both mirrorings. Now you first have to enable mirroring :/

Now the axis is part of the settings which is also sometimes cool.

Don't forget to clean the changes to avoid conflicts with trunk.

My masterpiece with this paintop:

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