Change shortcut: with Krita 2.3 beta-2 at
Sun Oct 17 12:16:22 CEST 2010

> i'm not sure, if the missing entry in krita's list is by design or by bug..

It's not bug, it's KDE system wide configuration I think.
It might be configurable in KDE probably.

System settings -> Keyboard & Mouse -> Standard Keyboard Shortcuts -> Type 
redo in the search bar 

> > These are my steps:
> > 1. I click into "Settings" and I choose "Configure Shortcuts";
> > 2. I scroll the bar in order to change this shortcut to no avail (it is
> > not available);
> > 3. I even write "Ctr", into the search case, to no avail;
> > 4. The Ctr+shift+Z shortcut is not available. Or, at least, I didn't
> > find it :-)

CTRL+SHIFT+Z is better short-cut, I know that people are used to CTRL+Y
to redo from Windows and maybe also in GNOME, but try to undo/redo/undo
with CTRL+Z and CTRL+SHIFT+Z and you will see why it is like that in KDE :)
Watch your fingers ;)

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